Project: Design, Construction, Development, Finance Operation and Maintenance of the work of rehabilitation and upgrading to 4/6 lane from Km 596+750 to Km 624+480 on NH-44 (Old NH-7) in the state of Madhya Pradesh under North-South Corridor (NHDP-Phase-II program) on BOT (Annuity) Basis. Contract Package on NS-I/BOT/MP-3.

Introduction: The Govt. of (GOI) India through Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) is contemplating to enhance the road capacity and safety for efficient transhipment of goods as well as passenger traffic on the heavily trafficked National Highway sections. GOI has entrusted National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) with the responsibility of augmenting the capacity of highway corridors. The project under consideration aims at developing a four lane divided carriageway standards for North-South corridor in Seoni District in Madhya Pradesh.

The National Highway No. 44 (Old NH-7) starts from Varanasi and ends of at Kanyakumari after traversing a distance 2369 Km approximately. The proposed package starts from Km 596.750 of NH-44 (Start of Seoni Bypass) and ends at Km 624+480 of NH-44 (Mohgaon). As per scope, the total project length is 56.475 Km out of 56.475 Km, the completed length is 27.730 Km and balance 28.745 Km is not handed over because of non-Clearance from MOE&F.